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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
where's the KFC option?
Ah, apologies, I agree- tinkerer / Zetr0's lovechild option, please!
Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
hack baby hack & pray it works is my retro motto


I just love hacking.... I suppose its just a natural evolution of the mechano mind, although I never had any mechano, had them stickle brick things...

However CASE mods are a little different.... you see these mods, display you and whom you are...

there are those that just HACK at it with what seem a hatchet, and on the flipside there are those that use sand-paper to make a cut!!!

I think a well thought out sympathetic mod goes a VERY long way, for myself I like to keep things look fairly STOCK and then surprise!!!! its got all that and and a bag of chips!

I suppose like a lot of you guys / girls and Ironclaw here appreciate time taken over a mod and full planning.... but lets be serious.... its all about the pics.... from concept to completetion.... !
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