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Hmmm, bugs 'n updates:

Looks like the first release will need a little work - nothing major, just some anoying bits have come to light as I've been a-testing.

-1)'Spealing' mistakes in some of the docs
-2)Some of the HD_Installed games don't like my !Boot setup
-3)One of the Games doesn't like MemFS - the swine!
-4)A groovy patch to force small icons in dir's with lots of files isn't working. (much)
-5)Antialialised font redrawing's a bit slow @ times.
-6)No doubt there's other stuff...

-1)I'm fixing it
-2)+3) Can be fixed a few ways:
a)I can patch the offenders, dull for me but will keep things nice.
b)I can modify !Boot to have an alt start with a stripped 'games version' on a key-press. Easy for me but less transparent.
c) I can try to work out what it is that my !Boot is doing - tricky!
What do peeps think?
-4)Already sorted.
-5)Already sorted.
-6)Let me know...

Finally, what about updates?
-1)I just re-release the whole thing with fixes from time to time...
...easy for me but not very efficient on the downloading side.
-2)I release update patches...
...much harder for me, but more efficient. Down side is that the patches may fail as peeps modify their own setup.
-3)I just release an 'errors doc' with info on how to fix and an occasional full update...
...very easy for me, but could be anoying for users. Does have the advantage that it could become a useful tour of the setup.
-4)Arculator supports two HDF's. I could also release 'non-huge' updates as 'hd5.hdf'...
...delete the offender, drag 'n drop the new.

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