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Originally Posted by cane View Post
I made before program that replaces text in similar way so I modified it. It a quick and dirty fix so don't except some fancy user interface. I just dunno if you need ", " or "," with or without space between names of games. Use CTRL+V, and CTRL+A in editbox, and maybe there is limit of 64 kb for text in editbox, can't remember. The exe is in attachment so see if it can help you
Cool, thanks

I needed:

"Elfmania", "Ambermoon", "Another World", "Banshee", "Battle Squadron", "Beneath a Steel Sky", "Bubble Bobble", "Cannon Fodder"
It gave me:

"Elfmania","Ambermoon","Another World","Banshee","Battle Squadron","Beneath a Steel Sky","Bubble Bobble","Cannon Fodder"
Just a space that needs to be added, between the , and ", np, did that in a millisec with the "replace" function.

Yeah, I noticed immediately that there were no copy function so of course the first thing I did was ALT+A, CTRL+V/C stuff :P

Thanks again... now I expand the current 50 game names with 1000+ more :P. There is NO WAY two of the same name can come up now :P
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