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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
Ok, to solve the x2 game name problem, I just need to add more game names to the fake game name list....... but need them to be like this:

"Name1", Name2", "Name3", "Name4", "Name5".... etc

Anyone know how to get them to line up like the above example in bold? Some text editors have this "replace" thingy, but can't use that here...

There must exist some automatic way to do this.
I made before program that replaces text in similar way so I modified it. It a quick and dirty fix so don't except some fancy user interface. I just dunno if you need ", " or "," with or without space between names of games. Use CTRL+V, and CTRL+A in editbox, and maybe there is limit of 64 kb for text in editbox, can't remember. The exe is in attachment so see if it can help you

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