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-:The Ultimate Amiga Quiz:- !


I had many requests on adding more pictures and questions, so I did.

* Now it's 30 questions instead of the original 20
* Now it's more than twice as many screenshots than before (100 now, was 40 before)
* An exploit problem has been fixed. Before after playing it for a while and you knew all the games that could appear, you didn't have to look at the screenshots to pick the right answer because of my dirty not-showing-the-same-anwer-twice-on-the-same-screen fix (that's how people got the max score of 12600. I won't get into details). So now people HAVE to look at the screenshots to know which answer to pick . Only drawback now is that it's no longer a guaranteed new screenshot everytime time, but that's no biggie .

So, now all the current scores can easily be beaten as there are 10 more questions = more points.

Have fun , it's more fair gameplay now.


Maybe not the ultimate one, but there probably aren't that many around anyway, and those I've seen sucks ass... so I made my own Amiga Quiz... in FLASH of course. It's special in some ways; most quizzes shows you when you click the wrong name, or the right one. My version don't, well, you can just see if your score increases instead. Can make it in anyway I want, and this is how I wanted it

As the host of the previous highscore system I used has ceased to exist (site for sale), I'm using a new one now, better in some ways, but worse in more ways than good. Hate those extra tabs, the Facebook thingy and that you have to click "No thanks...".

So, play.... enter your name, click "Submit Score" then click on "No thanks...". To play again just click "Close".

It's a bit like "Guess the screenshot" thread thingy... tiny boxes appears on the screen, each one revealing more and more of the screenshot.

If you don't like the music, click the mute button

[ Show youtube player ]

I made it for, but as probably alot of you guys don't go there, and maybe like quiz games, I posted it here.

PS, just hope the game runs as fast as it does in my YT video (50fps), cuz Hipoonios just played it on a slow computer and has all the time he needs to think :P... damn cheaters and their slow computers!

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