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Originally posted by thinlega
HaaaaHaaaaa!!! yeah me likes the "REP" comment!!!! :laugh
heh, lsd, what to expect?
The setup looks cool!!.....are the four screens the same or do you have them doing different things?
Well, a last minute change left me without the WJMX12 mixer, so the four projectors showed the same images. Otherwise it would be two images, 1 and 3 from the WJMX50, and 2 and 4 from the WJMX12. It actually is one big wide screen with four projectors situated at the right distance from each other

How do you make the flash anims go in time to the music are they keyboard controlled or do you chop it up using the mixer?
Keyboard+mouse controlled, so the interface between the sound and the computer is ME Works pretty frigging well, and the mixer helps too, because I give effects and chop it from there... I was banging at the keyboard, the mouse, controlling the mixer and using the Amiga's joystick. A real mess! But fun
When i first look at the pic I thought The fan was some kind of mad attachment.....the biggest amiga MOD in the world!! [/B]
Bwahahaha! yeah! it kind of looks similar to the Amiga case

I'm in normal mode now so I wont be asking if that MOD is any good, and who composed it :laugh
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