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I'd rather play the WHDload version but that's not the point.

What I am trying to say :
The idea that these bugs at startup could be attributed to MS for not polishing their compatibility mode feature, and idea that may indeed have sprung for a second from your Silly Cat Face mind if you had tried to run the '96 release under a modern OS is misleading.

As you seem to have understood, back then, the porting of that game was rushed so that even that widely acclaimed MS feature I am referring to would simply fail to make it more compatible.

I don't have a problem with that game or with people playing that game, whether on the Amiga or on the PeeCee.
I just doubt that the too few PC users who discovered that game went "wow, so that's what the Amiga is capable of"
since testing & distribution on the publisher's part were so poorly conducted.

And that's a pity that this game went unnoticed on PeeCee, so may be they tried to correct their hardly forgivable mistake with this re-release.

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