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Hi Tom

Many thanks for your response, it's great to talk with you.
I have had many happy hours with both Arculator & RPCEmu and would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you and show gratitude for your support & commitment to keeping our Acorn machines alive.

I also appreciate your listening regarding real HD support with Arculator and although as you state is not top of your priorities list, what can I do to help bump up this much needed feature.
Adding this feature would be creating a strong bond between emulation and the real hardware and would surely benefit all the real hardware guy's out there.

Emulation is superb especially today's emulators, WinUAE, Arculator, B-EM, BeebEM et all but most people would agree that there's nothing like using the real hardware, The ole A3000 & A3010 are not networked easily (& the hardware is rare) and moving files by floppy is sooooo slow.

More importantly being able to use the same HD setup on your real home Archie & then on your laptop whilst away would be brilliant...
Backing up the systems too...

So Please Tom reconsider and have a little think about how it can be done....
We do all appreciate it...

Best Wishes

@guys.............any comments / support ????
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