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Ok, here it is:

Classic RiscOS

In all it's (hopefully) lovely glory. V1-ish? Well, it seems fine to me but extensive testing in the wild may bring up a few issues. The download is about 127mb - phew! There's a fair bit of stuff in there considering most RiscOS apps weigh in at about 20k, maybe a few hundred for a big game...
...Out of the box it's set to run @ about the speed of a 33mhz ARM3 but if you untick 'Limit Speed' under options with a spiffy computer you'll make it fly.

The URL?
Use real FTP and mosey on over to the Qube RiscOS FTP Server (see website for details) and go to: \Emulation\For x86\Classic RiscOS\

Have fun!

Thanks for the name prowler.
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