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Well you can read what's in them if you REALLY want to spoil the surprise but I wouldn't do that if I were you...
There aren't many things to show off as generally everything looks the same, there's just more of everything.
You know, new locations, new quests, new characters, quests solvable in a different fashion...

Basically, it looks this way:
MegaMod gathers as much as possible in one game of all of the different mods, making Fallout 2 game as different as possible while staying Fallout 2 game.
Try it for yourself, you will be in for a surprise since the first few screens of the game, I can assure you...

Restoration Project is my favorite, as it makes Fallout 2 as it was suppose to be from the beginning, with all the extra locations, and quests, and characters that didn't make it into the final release back in the days due to time limits.
What's even better, folks behind this mod promised a total graphical remade of all of the maps in the newest RP1.3!
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