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Cool Ultimate Fallout versions

Dunno if you guys keep track of Fallout community sites like No Mutants Allowed, but my guess is that some of you don't know that the modding spirit is strong with this one!

Not only there are patches fixing multiple bugs still present in the original Fallout and Fallout 2 games, there are also High Resolution Patches (here and here) for both games so you could play it in basically *ANY* resolution!
There's also many mods adding various stuff for both games (here and here), with the TeamX's mods being the best for the 1st game and MIB88 MegaMod 2.35.2 or (as you can't have both installed) The Restoration Project 1.2 for the 2nd part.

Probably by the end of the summer, the Ultimate version of Fallout's 2 Restoration Project will come out, the 1.3 version fixing and adding several things that didn't make it originally to the game due to time limits
Originally Posted by killap

1. Improve the dialogue found in all the new RP locations

Dialogue found in these location was inconsistent, sometimes incorrect in terms of cannon, and just plain did not live up to the dialogue found in the rest of the game.

I have been working with Dravean and others in regards to this and I am about 90% done going through the revisions sent to me. So far I feel the dialogue is much improved and flows nearly seamlessly with the rest of the game.

2. Revamp of the EPA (in terms of maps, dialogue, etc)

The EPA is the only RP location we actually have an original design doc for from BIS. The intent of the RP is to stay as true to original BIS intentions as possible and the EPA just didn't come out as it should have.

New maps are in the works and coming along nicely. They truly look amazing and are the product of the talented individual I mention below. Once the maps are done, I will sit down with my RP contributors and go over dialogue and content changes.

3. Enhancements to all maps in the game (both original and RP)

This was something I had not originally planned for. Nearly a year ago I was approached by an extremely dedicated individual who had gone through all the maps in the game and enhanced them to a new level. I cannot describe what the changes are, as it must be experienced firsthand, but I assure you that it is an improvement much for the better. Of course, these maps will be optional as I do not wish to force them on anymore. However, I truly feel that once you play with them you won't ever go back to the old maps.

4. Including the Shi submarine

This is the final massive piece of new content I plan to add to the RP. Inclusion of this is only possible thanks to the amazing graphics work done by Continuum. Without the models he created I would have nothing to go on.

Version 1 of a design doc has been written for this area and hopefully soon a final one will be decided upon. From there, dialogue must be written and then everything coded.

Though I want to include this area in RP 1.3, I cannot make any promises. This release has been delayed for far too long and it really isn't fair to let everyone suffer. I've got the bad habit of trying to cram as much as possible into a release and I need to stop it since it delays releases by far to much time.

5. Cram as much goodness in as possible

This is a miscellaneous section that has no influence on the release date of 1.3. Mostly this is just new animations that are made by the NMA modding community that I have worked into various aspects of the game. Don't worry though as the ones that make the most change are optional.
So stay tuned and get your Fallout 2 disc ready!

PS: Here's a short info on how to "install" both of the games manually if your PC is too new
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