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Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
This is growing to be my favorite miggy series so I enjoy the debate.
I really like Turrican 1 aswell and it's still a great game. Just wanted to point out that's not only about the graphics, why I like T2 better. Guess it's mainly because of the rocket backpack levels that I never really felt in love with the first one But that's just a matter of taste and the important thing is that you like Turrican

Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
I might have to play 3 just to see what my reaction would be. I've watched plays of it and wow - having a claw instead of a beam... worries me.
It should... Guess it's one of these 'Hey now that we make a game for the Genesis, there has to be a new feature! Hmm...' things It's not only that there's no beam anymore, but also that the controls for the claw feel just 'wrong' Well, it's still worth a look.
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