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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
The longer beam is available in T2. You just start off low and after power-ups it goes off screen. Use the Subway trainer if you want to see it quickly.

T2 also has an Alien stage.

I was able to get it that far today - and somehow I think it might have helped get me past stage 2 finally! I made it to I think stage four?

Now that I'm seeing more of the game I can see where you guys like 2 more - the underwater bit was really damn cool - multiplied by the fact that I usually HATE "water levels". That's like a double-reverse cool or something

I'm finding I do better when I treat Bounce to be like the poison mushroom in Super Mario Bros. 2 (j) where you DON'T want it. When I focus on Laser and Multi and keep my beam long I do better.

And yes, it's so much better to be able to crouch with the beam. If someone could hack that capability into T1 I might never leave the Amiga off... or leave my room...

This is growing to be my favorite miggy series so I enjoy the debate. I might have to play 3 just to see what my reaction would be. I've watched plays of it and wow - having a claw instead of a beam... worries me.
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