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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
Fair enough, iv'e never completed T1 but have got to the last stage.T1 feels closer to Aliens from which i guess a lot of inspiration cam from(that and quite a few other games too) and it has that very cold lonely atmosphere which in games puts me off a little - obviously just a preference thing

T2 has a number of lives scattered through it's levels if you don't mind exploring and these are worth stocking up on if you're having trouble so far
I guess I have to look them up... I think I've found three in the first level, and no clue on the second but I barely get into it to find out. I know there were a TON of one ups in T1 - I usually had 26 or so by the the time I hit the first "shmup" stage.

Which does being me to one of my nitpicks on T1 - the second shooting stage is really just the first one, backwards.

But anyway - how many lives do you usually get up to after the first few levels in T2? I could use more than 5 if I want to get through it
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