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*bumpity-bump, pidy-bump, pidy-bump, pidy-bump, pidy-bump, pidy bump bump bump...*

Coming soon to the server:

For those who may be interested in RiscOS stuff but would like a pre-rolled version to download and play, the above is a screen shot for the nearly finished first release...
...think of it as ClassicWB, or AmigaSys, or AIAB for RiscOS with lots of extras + apps + games pre-installed. The whole thing's rolled up with Arculator (the best free emulator) for true download, run, and play.

It's based on RiscOS 3.11, the latest of the 'classic' OS's for Archimedes machines - why? Because...
...That's the RiscOS era with the most 'classic' games.
...Those 'in the know' should go 'Ooo' and 'Ahhh' at the amazing cleverness of this set up - and at the size of my ego.
...Releasing a public version based on a current OS (we're up to RO6+ now) would cause some, ah, 'difficulties'.

...on the subject of 'difficulties' the released version will have !SparkPlug rather than !SparkFS as shown - it's still being developed and marketed.

I'll post again when it's up on the server - the likely size will mean using 'proper' FTP not the web front end.

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