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Exclamation New Member: DoneYone. Hi Y'all.

Hi all,

Mij name is Don in real life (here it's my old BF2 nick DoneYone) and I'm a civil engineer from the Netherlands. I'm 28 years old and live in a small village called Bergschenhoek (try saying that in English) just north of Rotterdam. My hobbies are gaming (I own Xbox360, wii, PS3, NDS, PSP, SNES, N64, C64, NES and ofcourse the beloved A1200!). I love smoking weed ofcourse (it's legal here) and I can recommend it to everybody.

When I was just a young lad (±1992) I owned a amiga 500 and I played all the classics. A year ago i bought a A1200 + 2mb plus fast, CF-IDE and 4gb ultra 2 from a local seller that used to be in the demoscene. The amiga is in mint condition (still totally white) and after laying on the shelf here a year I thought I'd finally install it with calssicWB (you rock Bloodwych!). I've been at it since one week and I'm walking into a lot of bumps along the way (I'm an amiga n00b you see ). I must have read all threads concerning installs of the classicWB.

I would like to thank everybody for the great threads and I'm sure I can get a lot of help from all you guys (and galls?).

Maybe when I get all things up and running on the real amiga I can post a thread with all the steps in it for my specific situation so it can help people with the same config, cause I haven't found it yet here. It seems the different tutorial-like posts I read leave out essential bits and chunks so my installs up to this date don't work or work half.

Anyway: See you all around and I hope to contribute to this forum!!
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