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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
T2 is generous though with it's lives for the time thing to really be a bother.T2 is an easy enough game to defeat with a ton of lives to boot, with score being the main target

I can't question the balance issue but it's not something that would even bother me considering how casually i play T2 anyway

The easy nature that is T2 means score is the main incentive once you've played it enough times to rack up 20 or so lives and you just tend to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere

T2 is more laid back so i guess those wanting to die more might prefer T1

The absolute T2 highlight for me is the perfect ship sections with it's awesome music and stunning arcade feel - nothing touches how great this feels each time

T1 is nice enough though i'm not one for it's cold atmosphere personally

I think this is where we differ in play style....

T1 is easy to me. I have no problem with it. I've yet to beat it, but I've gotten close a lot - it's now just a matter of time.

T2... I can't get past the second stage and in fact have trouble making it THAT far.

I've yet to see the third stage, period. I've given T1 a lot of play but T2's come close. I don't know. All I can say is T2 is really hard for me. *shrugs*
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