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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The "shadow of the beast" style music in this game by David Whittaker is again brilliant.

Not to be-little Tim Wrights SOTB2 music but I would have preferred it if DW had worked on beast 2 rather than this game

No its not, and damn David Whittaker for being such a cop out prick and just use the same samples as Shadow of the Beast for this game.

Those samples are so ingrained as the Beast 'sound', and he's a first class lazy twat for not bothering to change them for something else.

I don't hear Wrath of the Demon, I hear a bad Shadow of the Beast rip off sound track.

He pulled the same bloody trick with Licence to Kill the James Bond game, same Beast samples, what an absolute joke!

Clearly he just loaded up his old Beast work, spent about 20 minutes on rejigging it and then watched the money come rolling in.

No doubt the design for the music was 'Beast inspired', but surely that didn't actually mean Beast remix!?!?!?

If I was heading that development team i'd have told Whittaker to sort it out and make the music for Wrath of the Demon good in its own right, not have people say "just like Beast, only worse!"
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