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While remaining on the subject of Turrican but going off topic a bit here, having watched some Turrican 3D (the actual wip one) , i can't help thinking if handled exceptionally well, It could be rather special

Although iv'e never really sung the praises of Turrican's core gameplay mechanics(they're are perfectly decent and easy to pick up though), it's game worlds graphics, Music and atmosphere are burned into my head like no other game to be honest.I lived in T2's worlds for a very long time while i was in the process of writing my own music - T2 was loaded up just about all time so that i hear what standard to aim for

And actually looking at the main character's suit(something i have not really done up until now), it's certainly distinct and cool even like all iconic characters

Slightly back on topic, T2 is the best of the bunch (legend even if you consider how rich the whole experience is) i think and although it's a linear level to level progression, there is an overwhelming sense of adventure quite unlike other games of this type

Before if it's been about T2, iv'e only ever commented about how gameplay although solid, doesn't excell in the same way music, atmosphere and the experience as a whole does.And thinking about it, i still stand by that but from now on i'm going to say nothing about how simple the gameplay is because the truth is T2 is one of my most treasured games and memories

Fave levels for me are: Flying section

I still load the game up a few times during the year and that says a lot
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