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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Another great game never ported to the Amiga was Star Trek: The Rebel Universe, the first proper Star Trek game. It was however ported to the Commodore 64 and DOS, but the ST version is the one that shines. Great graphics and tons of samples from the TV series, including the intro sequence at the start of the show.

The game started being developed when development machines where given to software companies before the ST's launch, and was ready to be released in early 1986, but Beyond where in trouble at this stage and the release was delayed. It was finally brought to the market in early 1987 by Firebird after they had secured the rights from Beyond.

However, there is strong evidence that a limited release from Beyond did occur in early 1986, but we have yet to see that version. It will be quite a scoop if anybody who finds it since there as been speculation about it for years.
Shame theres no source code for all the stuff that didn't make it to Amiga, porting it wouldn't be too time consuming.
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