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Great looking longplay. I think deactivating the HD option will offer the advantage of less stutters in YT, without harming the video quality.

I have a few remarks on the game itself :
Why does the character disappears when he hits certain sprites after the horse riding round, in the cavern (the cave, or whatever) ?

Why did they waste a game with such a good potential with awkward gameplay ? Let me explain :

First, there is no energy bar for bosses. And sometimes, it's hardly noticeable the monster has been it by the barbarian's sword.
Would it have been too difficult for them to at least make all the bosses blink upon each hit ?

Also, I don't dig the character energy bar. the ligthen dots mean the energy that's left to him ?
And concerning the inventory part, for what use as the different potions collected ?

This being said, the game keeps us hanging on, like we want to know what will happen on the next round, and the "demo-like" drawings from the static screens, in between rounds, are cool.
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