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Primal Rage because at the time the Amiga was dying and the core code (from MKII) would have had to be re-written to utilise all the A1200 and that would have lost any 2MB A500/A600 owners. As it was it only sold about 10% of the quantity of MKII, due to timing, control method issues and the game not being as strong but primarily a dwindling market.

The major benefit of the A1200 as I recall was the CPU speed and chipset being able to reach all the memory, but given the character data was all compressed the 68K had to look after realtime de-compression anyway - so it just copied it into the first 512K. Some of the soft-sprite routine used self modding code which had to be curtailed on an A1200 because of the 68020's pipeline causing issues, but the speed of the processor more than compensated for that.

Character numbers I'll have to check - but something like 150+ frames per character as I recall. I go on holiday in a bit but will have a look and get back to you.

Golden Axe Amiga also had the black skeleton's which I believe were missing from the Genesis (Megadrive) version.

Perhaps we ought to start a different topic though

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