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Originally Posted by Toffee View Post
Unbelievable they wouldn't give you the graphic/sound files at least. Surley paying for a license they should have given you the graphics files ? Most those old arcade machines used the 68000 so the source code would have been very handy.

I really liked your conversion of Golden Axe. I'm sure there were strict deadlines and with no support from Sega it didn't make things easy. With a bit more more time how much better do think you could have made it ? I'm sure you could have found a way to make use of hardware sprites. Just look how Shadow of the Beast used them.

What did your Mortal Kombat team make of Elfmania ?
Team? I coded it in my other bedroom , I never really played games (other than REVS) so never saw Elfmania. By MKI we did get access to all code, artwork and sound - which was a shame because I thought all the characters in MKI/II looked really bad given they were just processed from the originals (64 colour down to 12 colour as I recall) plus shrinking by 60% or something. They would have looked much better if artists had drawn them but that would have taken forever.

Problem with hardware sprites on the Amiga (forgive me if I get this wrong its been a long time) was the limit of x4 16 pixel wide 16 colour sprites per scan line, and that was limited by bitplanes and screen size - thats OK for Pacman but you could easily get x5+ 32 pixel wide 16 colour sprites per scan in Golden Axe. I mostly ended up using the hardware sprites for screen overlays like the disc change icons and panel items as I recall.

One big real world benefit the Amiga had over the ST was with 5 planes you could have a 16 colour foreground and 16 colour background, with MK that meant 4 unique colours per player, 4 skin tones, 3 greyscale plus transparent making 16 colour foreground then 16 colours for the background. I recall some dynamic palette stuff for the score/life panel. That was all a pleasure to do on the Amiga after the ST.

The Amiga would end up more colourful and smoother compared to the ST.
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