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neither did I, however this is exceptionally reminiscent of schoolyard fights when I was but a tiny lass - and yes I mean fights. Be it Moncton, New Brunswick or Lee, New Hampshire... kids could get violent back in the 16-bit wars.

SNES ruled my neighboorhood in the States, there'd be statistics fights and I remember crying once because everyone was mean to the poor Genesis' 64-color pallette. Yeah, I got teased over on-screen colors. I can't stress how serious I am

AND We had CD first! Sure... it had mostly crap FMV games but it had Dark Wizard, Snatcher and the Lunar games.

32X was... a mostrous pile of crap, but it did give us Knuckles Chaotix - which was amazing.


OK sorry - derailment, I guess what I'm saying is I feel like I'm back in those days - only now I'm with the Big Kids picking on the poor ST fans that love their system just as much.

I'm an Amiga gal, but I feel for you ST fans. I was there once. *Hugs her CDX*

And fuck the Super Nintendo. :P
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