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So, I've been playing more Turrican II...


I dunno guys, still not seeing it

I'll have a better critique if I play some more but a couple of points:

Your movable beam weapon - in T1 it could go off-screen or far wide left and right. Turrican 2's beam is restrained to the screen, meaning you don't get extra clearing room and/or secret checking.

Bounce. Seriously? I don't think I've actively hated a powerup more than that.

I also haven't gotten the hang of not doing that super-blitz bomb thing where you just fly around killing everything on screen. It's annoying since I go for the simple jump and wipe in mid-air that I'd do in T1 and end up wasting 20 seconds as I go on a meth spree.

T2 has the better graphics and sound (though I still like T1's soundtrack a touch better, but who can fight anything Huelsbeck?) but the gameplay seems a bit tighter in T1 to me. Maybe it's my console background but I think I find the controls just more... natural?

Still - no way is it a bad game... I guess I just expect to do things in T2 that don't fly like they do in T1. Perhaps like going from one OS version to an upgraded one, sometimes it's not a smooth transition.

I still like 1 better :P
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