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Filled/wireframe 3D games should always run faster on Amiga over ST and yes that includes Elite 2!

Yes the Amigas custom hardware was primarily designed for 2d graphics but Jay Miner loved those 3D flight simulators! That is why the Amigas Blitter chip can draw polygons so the CPU dosen't have to! The Amiga Blitter can draw lines at 1 million pixels a second and fill them at 16 million pixels a second in parallel to the CPU calculating the next set of coordinates. Elite 2 uses curved lines which the Blitter dosen't support but if it had used the Amigas fill mode it would run faster than the ST version.

I remember Braben saying he didn't use the Blitter in an interview for an Amiga magazine.The only reason it ran faster on an ST is because it was a direct port. I bet the sound is crap though compared to the Amiga version?

Did everyone not know the blitter had this ability ?

I don't know a lot about the STE blitter but the Amiga Blitter has 4 DMA channels which can be combined in 256 different ways, it's pipelined, has 2 barrel shifters, has hardware line drawing and polygon filling. How does the STE Blitter compare to this as I know it was a lot newer than the Amiga 1985 Blitter?
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