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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Nice to meet you Ric - Golden Axe is probably the finest Amiga Arcade conversions
: in fact some think this version is better than the Sega version
What happend to Golden Axe 2-3
Nice to meet you too & thanks

I didn't even know there was a Golden Axe 2-3

As far as the Amiga/ST goes I was also guilty of Gauntlet II, Hotrod, T2 (sorry), Motorhead (sorry squared) then just Amiga MKI, MKII and Primal Rage.

It was MKI that used a combination of hardware sprites and blitter for one of the characters, which caused the timing issues. I gave up for MKII and just used the blitter as I recall. My A500 rang it fine, but the testers at Probe kept getting screen issues which I couldnt replicate until I went down to London and saw it for myself. Only way to solve it was to stop using one pair of sprites or reduce the screen width by 16 pix. What has happening was a 16 colour sprite kept loosing 2 of its planes, so dropping to 4 colour because there was no DMA space for it.

The soft-sprite engine in these games was based on 16 x 16 pixel "tiles" which were all compressed. The 68000 would decompress a character into a buffer and the blitter would cookie cut it onto the screen generating a mask on the fly whilst the 68K decompressed the next tile etc. Nice parallel processing when the 68K could scrounge a clock cycle or 2 from the blitter.

The Amiga was very nice, you could also do LOADS of voodoo with the floppy disc controller too. ST was boring by comparison.
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