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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
As you will notice the 256 colours on screen from a palette of 4096, 8 channel stereo sound, with 8 voices at 42 kJz or 4 as 83 kHz, 46 built in screen resolutions plus freely programmable additional ones possible, 4MB ram, 12MHz RISC CPU (8 MIPS), native HDD support etc made it a pretty impressive system. Such a shame it was never a commercial success outside of UK schools.
I would have loved to work with the RISC CPU, barrel shifter (just like the Amiga's blitter), 1 clock per instruction (68000 was 4 minimum, more like 8), 16 general purpose registers (or was it 32, I forget). I've got a book somewhere on ARM assembly, never used it though .

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
had an Atari with a monochrome monitor to run a $2500 program called Arkey which he used to design buildings. The company he worked/workes for chose this program because it was cheaper than the alternative while doing everything they needed to do with it...
Was it available for the Amiga though?

But seriously, I agree they were all general purpose computers to an extent - although only because they had a keyboard. Of all the 8-bit machines I would say only the BBC Micro was truly general purpose.

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Well well, It seems we have on board Richard Costello The good coder behind Golden Axe port

So pal, one end for all, which is the most accurate port of Golden Axe between the amiga port and the megadrive port ? Since you coded it on amiga, i guess you can hint us ?

Oooo got to think now ... I coded the "chop chop" game that ran in between levels on the Megadrive version, so the same logic code was used in the Amiga version for that. Megadrive had loads of hardware sprites which was ideal for a game like Golden Axe along with a hardware character based scrolling background plus lots of buttons. I THINK the Amiga version was actually a close port of the ST version although I probably used the blitter to speed things up. I would need to wade into the source to work it out.

As for which was the closest to the coin-op, back then coin-op conversions were "watch the screen and make this computer do it" so no access to code or graphics from the coin-op at all. So all game logic was created from scratch, I remember I preferred playing the Amiga version but the disc access was irritating.

But back to the topic

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