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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver

Well, the problem here is that the acorn was an english only machine.
It was never exported outside England. I never seen one, never seen games running on it.
There are some good Acorn Archimedes emulators, such as the one called Red Squirrel (because of the Acorn logo) or Arculator if you would like to experience what it was like. RiscOS is quite different to most other OSs most people have used and quite advanced. Although it has its oddities that are inherent from the BBC Micro era.

Originally Posted by Photon

their BASICs rocked throughout all their platforms

the games for Archimedes were pretty bad, Zarch and not much more
BBC Basic was far ahead of any other. It was a great language. And in fact the whole BBC range of computers were far ahead of any other at the time as well. I will even go as far as to say the Archimedes was a superior hardware to the Amiga!

As for games. Take another look. It had a lot of the same releases as the Amiga and ST. Take a look here for some screenshots. Doom is also an especially good port, and more capable than the Amiga's version, thanks to the Arch's RISC based 32bit CPU.

If anyone is interested in seeing what the hardware spec of the Archimedes was you can see one of the later popular model's specs here.

As you will notice the 256 colours on screen from a palette of 4096, 8 channel stereo sound, with 8 voices at 42 kJz or 4 as 83 kHz, 46 built in screen resolutions plus freely programmable additional ones possible, 4MB ram, 12MHz RISC CPU (8 MIPS), native HDD support etc made it a pretty impressive system.

Such a shame it was never a commercial success outside of UK schools.
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