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Originally Posted by Si-Pie View Post
Hi Frank yep thanx for that and yep I agree that DMA contention slows the blitter down for 4 and 5 plane PAL screen modes.
Hello. Yeah that was me
It actually slows down for every plane you switch on the Amiga.
It's still much more efficient than the 68k.

Originally Posted by Si-Pie View Post
I think that is what I was pointing out when I posted that quote from the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual about bit-plane DMA stealing cycles from the 68000 during display. I personally think the STE was what the ST should of been but Atari just released it too late.
Indeed. I still like the machine though even if it was too late.

Originally Posted by Si-Pie View Post
I have seen another post from you by the way on another forum but cant remember which one. You do some calculations on the Amiga Blitter and STE Blitter and gave quite abit of info on them.
Yeah that was me I'm a huge Amiga/ST geek. It saddens me when the STE or the Amiga gets a bashing from people who basically don't know the machines. I've been trying to prod a certain person into reading the HRM but sadly to no avail. It's a shame since once read and understood people can really see just how *beautiful* the Amiga was. Incidentally if people want to know what the blitter can and can't do on the STE the manual is online. It's vastly underrated.

Originally Posted by Si-Pie View Post
Ive read alot of posts on here from people who seem to be knocking both machines. I dont think almost any person who was an ST fan from back then deny that the Amiga had a hardware advantage over the ST but I personally think that just because a machine isnt best on the market doesnt mean it shouldnt have fans or be liked. I owned an Amiga and was and still am a big Amiga fan but I still respected the ST and the contribution it had in the market! These are machines that belong to a great era in computing and hardware differences aside both should be remembered as great machines.
Yup. There's nothing remotely like them left. The ST was a nice machine* and the Amiga was lovely.


*Don't take my word for it. Google for Jay Miner's comment on the ST.
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