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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
On amiga the 68K task is to drive the custom chips
Originally Posted by Ricardo
Of course it was.
Except for the fact that there is a whole array of productivity software for the Amiga platform that doesn't even use the custom chips. I'll say it again: The Amiga is not a games machine Amigas are general purpose computers, same for ST, C64, MSX, Spectrum and what have you. It depends on what a machine can do, not what it's used for the most.

Example: Back in the day when I was living with my mother (I was about 13 or something), my neighbor (who's an architect) had an Atari with a monochrome monitor to run a $2500 program called Arkey which he used to design buildings. The company he worked/workes for chose this program because it was cheaper than the alternative while doing everything they needed to do with it. Not really a game, is it? And it's nothing an Amiga can't handle.

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