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Originally Posted by Si-Pie View Post
, so the 68000 runs at full speed most of the time if there is no blitter DMA interference.
Some of that was a quote from the Amiga Hardware Reference manual .
Precisely my point, I did say when the blitter was running flat out. I also have the Amiga Hardware Reference manual on my shelf, along with the Atari ST's and sadly I still remember how to use Karnaugh maps to work out Blitter minterms!

I coded mainly coin-op conversions on Amiga and ST using the MegaST @ 16MHz connected to the target machines parallel port using a proprietary development system. Later I moved onto a 386DX40 PC using SNASM to the Amiga. It was normal to use a development machine for assembling and running code monitors remotely, so you could watch memory and single step etc whilst the game was running on the target.
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