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@Goldrunner Don't worry, I was only messing around a bit there. I did have a spectrum/Ages machines back in the mid-late 80's although my friend (who, funnily enuff owned a blinking Atari 520 ST FM would you believe!) told me about his grandads Amiga 500 (I never used one tho before that special christmas day in 1991)...

I find the whole Atari/Amiga thing as a bit of comedy these days. Still have arguments with an Atari elitest here at work

Weird, I should be greatful to the friend who was an Atarian for showing me the Amiga way... but I'm not because when I got the Amiga he was jealous! I kid you not he even stopped walking home from school with me because of it... and thus history was made, I became angry, usual playground debates of greatness of the 68000 series and all those gooey custom chips and I'm prattling on again with loss of productivity at work

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This thread was almost settled (except for s2325 'findings' and Paul_s usual rants )
Oi! what's that supposed mean... 'rants' indeed oh yeah, there he goes again
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