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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
David Braben has coded the game on amiga, like he was on a ST computer. The proof : He says in the interview that once compiled, the game runs on both machines since the code is the same ! He has coded it finally "ST in mind".
No, he said it is pixel identical not code identical. What he does say is that both are based on similiar code which what you expect when both machines use the same processor.

He goes on about the ST version using the well known feature of palette switching every cycle to simulate 4096 colours on screen. This is actually an ST only feature that he obviously added to make the ST version better. Yet, you still state they are code identical.

Once again, I ask you for the proof that David Braben never used any feature of the Amiga's custom chips? Also, if he didn't use them was it because he could'nt with a pure 3D game? I have proved he used an ST only feature, lets see if you can do the same.
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