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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
Anyway the Amiga and its technology were around a lot longer than the ST. They just stole some of its ideas and turned it into their own... and still didn't succeed
Which means that the original Amiga team = genius. Even to this day the way they did things are so cool it makes the Core 2 Duo seem a piece of carp in comparison.... shame that so much stuff these days is poorly made/designed apart from some cool people who continue to design hardware for our beloved Miggys
The ST didn't succeed You mean the biggest selling 16-bit computer of the 80's wans't a big seller. I must have had my head in the sand because the ST did succeed and was a big commercial success. It also a bold statement to say all modern hardware is poorly made compared to the Amiga.

I'm beginning to realise that Amiga fanatics really can't look at other computers without comparing it to the Amiga, they simply can't give unbiased break to anything without bashing it. Some (like me) actually love using other machines like the Spectrum, Commodore 64, and ST. I can use the Spectrum without thinking its crap comapred to the Amiga, every machine had its place in history and every one has its own personality. There will never again be a time like the 80's for home computers, if you can stop bashing other machine for a second you may start enjoying it a little better.

Not one person here denies the Amiga's greatness, even those who like other machines. But Amiga purists simply can't give any credit to any other computer other than the Amiga. Instead we have non stop comaprisons to show how great the Amiga was. Even when faced with great machines like the Acorn Archimedes, Atari Falcon, an even the Atari STE, they simply claim, yeah but they didn't well so that is that. Problem is they did exist so you can't just brush them under the carpet and believe the Amiga was light years ahead of everything. There are, for example, many Atari Falcon users still around today, and even a cracking crew who serve them software.

I have been a long term member of Atari forum and believe or not computer bashing like this doesn't go on. In fact I see many posts there giving the Amiga credit, so why can't that happen here?
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