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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Look at Jim Power, Mr nutz, Lionheart. Those games are only possible on machines using co-processors and custom chips !
Actually i think the ST version of Jim Power is very good, ok it does not have parallax scrolling or smooth scrolling, but it's ok as JP really have some good gameplay to live on unlike SOTB (to use a horror example).
The graphics could have been reworked but it's acceptable as it is, i'm not calling it "Amiga crap" even if i'm tempted after reading this thread

If there ever was an ST version of Lionheart does it really have to be an exact copy of the Amiga one... only much slower? In those days fancy graphic-effects ment more than gameplay (and maybe still does ). So the Lionheart need to be redesigned to fit the ST hardware based on it's gameplay... will it still be the same game?
There was several NES games that was based on arcadegames with much superior hardware and obviously the NES version had reduced graphics but many times a very good gameplay... "Super contra" on NES would be a good example. Thats how superior hardware games should be converted to lesser systems... Amiga to ST that is.
well, doing this kind of redesigned ST verions of original Amiga games was probably too much for small game companys of yesterday.

Also what i think Goldrunner mean by discussion in this thread is to get rid of the "ST crap" talk whenever there is a game that don't use more than 16 colours or is slow. Most of those games are bad for the ST also and the real problem is not the ST but the (bad) code, i'm not saying all those coders were bad there could be timelimits and stuff taht was the reason it was not as good it could have been.

Take Gods for an example... do most Amiga fans only see the graphics as "ST crap" or a great work of art as it look so good and still only 16 colours?
Actually calling it "crap" (with or without ST) in any way would be an insult to the graphician.
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