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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
The game is good, the way it's coded is crap (it's coded like it was running on an ST).
Wow, you really must know you stuff if you claim this Please can give us mere mortals more details of how David Braben should have coded Frontier. Maybe then we can get some Amiga programmers to recode the whole thing from scratch and make it truly awesome. I mean what does the author of Virus and the co-author of Elite know anyway, surely nothing against dlfrsilver obvious knowledge. Maybe you can just post a snippet of code from Frontier with your comments on how Dvaid Braben should have done it. In fact, just a basic outline of how the Blitter and Copper should have been used for pure 3D work work will do.

Also, could please let us know how you know that David Braben ignored the Amiga custom chips? Have you looked at the code or something to find out, again, please post the result of your finding. Maybe you think it must be crap coding because it runs slightly faster on a ST, well, that means virtually all pure 3D games are crap since they will all slightly faster on the ST. But maybe all these game where just crappily coded aslo, I mean, what did the top programmers of the day know back then anyway.

BTW, David Braben worked on Frontier for nearlly five years, to actually state what you have is doing him and his work an injustice. I truly find it beyond belief you can actually state it, basically just to justify the ST's version slight speed increase. Are you also going to state that Virus is crappily coded on the Amiga?

And, please if you can't back up claims like this then don't post them. David Braben isn't here to defend his so called rubbish coding of the Amiga version, so please give him the benifit of the doubt and first back up you claims with evidence before blackening his good name.

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