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I registered here on the 7th July, 2001.

I remember my first thread here. I was a guest at the time. It was simply entitled Lots of games don't work

I remember that I had just discovered Amiga emulation, and I was very excited about playing all the classics that I had never got to play. But I tripped on the usual newbie stumpling blocks, being the different configs needed in UAE.:hoo

I found this board when I was searching for help in a search engine about this matter. I made the post, and I was surprised at the immediate response, and generally how helpful and friendly everyone was.

I was hooked. Not long after, I signed up. And EAB is still my fav forum on the Net.

Remember my first thread as a member? It was about one of my fav games, Technocop, found here

I only brought this up because it highlights the loss of another EAB member, Burge. Where are you dude? You helped me out when I was in crisis, when I couldn't figure out how to get my own avatar!

(I think this latter thread was deleted...I couldn't find it )
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