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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Well, there is no doubt the Amiga had better graphics I have never disputed that fact. All I am disputing is the view that 16 colours was the max on the ST at once. The 16 colour barrier was routinely beoken by games using a interupt B copper effect, I know this as fact because I have taken thosands of screenshots for Guardians an many games go well beyond 16 colours.
Don't worry, I believe you . It's a technique that can be used on any hardware that keeps fetching the color data while updating the screen, and can be used not only on Amigas and Sts, but also on the C64, although you can't change the palette on that machine, you can change parts of the color table in a similar way.
Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Of course copper effects and 512 colour pictures are hardware tricks on the ST, but so are HAM and EHB mode on the Amiga.
Not quite. HAM and EHB are hardware modes, you don't need tricks to use them. Same goes for changing palette values with the copper, it's not really a trick, because you're using documented features. More than 16 colors on the ST could be viewed as a software trick.
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