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@qube: I have explored all the teleport rooms, only bonuses here.
The 3-1 chalice (iron chalice, only to be found here) effect is: if you pick up the chalice + teleport => warp. Don't pick up the chalice & teleport => normal teleport room bonus.
You're perfectly right about the steel chalices strewn across the 4 worlds (AFAIR 1.2, 4.21, 4.26 x 2): they award 1 continue credit. I was not aware about this until today!
You can reach a mega-huge-big score by teleporting on the last level but one (twenty-six). Super-hard level, super-hard to teleport there but awards a lot of points and 2 continues + warp to level 1. Do it several times you can reach millions of points (it takes ages too!)

The magic ball does exactly that coin/cocktail thing, and only that. The first magic ball can be found on world 1 part 2 after 3 teleports (alongside with a steel chalice: contiunue).

Some levels have 3 different teleports and the 4th one leads to the exit. The 3th teleport is often very interesting, with continue chalices and special stuff.

1-2 level has got selectable routes, and teleports differ from one route to another.
In some warp room (with stairs) I could pick both coin piles once because I had enough time, but could not do it again. Probably some powerup I had but I cannot reproduce it.

I've focused on differences between US/NTSC version and UK (first release) version. The main difference is level layout, controls, passwords, and ... the lack of the Golden Chalice in the version with passwords. IHMO this re-release was botched hence small incoherences.

About the speed: play it on winuae you'll find the game very smooth and fast.

@Gimbal: this would be Gods with Magic Pockets graphics. I'm not an imaginative kind of guy. I cannot make a whole new game from those bits, sorry.

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