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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
There's a program called HamLab on Aminet. It can render 24 bit images to a 15 color per scan line (one color is fixed) format in hires lace on an A500: HamLab (demo version). Although this isn't a paint program, it still allowes you to use such modes.

512 colors may seem amazing, but as I said before an A500 can do 55*256=14080 colors per screen (more with vertical overscan).
Well, there is no doubt the Amiga had better graphics I have never disputed that fact. All I am disputing is the view that 16 colours was the max on the ST at once. The 16 colour barrier was routinely beoken by games using a interupt B copper effect, I know this as fact because I have taken thosands of screenshots for Guardians an many games go well beyond 16 colours.

Of course copper effects and 512 colour pictures are hardware tricks on the ST, but so are HAM and EHB mode on the Amiga. However, there is no way of geting past the 32 colour standard low res screen on the Amiga, the ST's 16 colours just pales against it, as it does for all the other resolutions the Amiga as got to offer.
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