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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
I may be wrong but I can't remember any copper paint package on the Amiga so that people didn't have to use HAM. If there is then I salute the Amiga once for getting around the HAM problem when painting in high colour. Th ST managed a 512 colour at once by switching the palette every cycle, it amazing what you can do with crap hardware isn't it.
There's a program called HamLab on Aminet. It can render 24 bit images to a 15 color per scan line (one color is fixed) format in hires lace on an A500: HamLab (demo version). Although this isn't a paint program, it still allowes you to use such modes.

512 colors may seem amazing, but as I said before an A500 can do 55*256=14080 colors per screen (more with vertical overscan).
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