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Yep I agree with you Doc Mindie the Amiga certainly did have an edge. As Harrison and Goldrunner has just pointed out the ST CPU ran at 8MHz which was slightly higher than the Amiga but this was a moot point as the ST cpu had to do all the work by itself where the Amiga had the custom chips to help its CPU out.

Goldrunner mentioned the STE being released and he was right it came with a Blitter and few other improvements but the Blitter in the STE was not as good or complex as the one found in the Amiga. This was unusual as the Amigas blitter was over 4 years old at this point. The Amigas blitter is 2x more efficient at copying and 3 x more efficient at masking sprites.

Also Goldrunner was right the STe had an improved palette making it equal to the Amigas 4096 colours but still could only display 16 colours in games. Problem with the STe and why it was a flop in the marketplace was because it was too late to the party.

It was released in 1990 so the Amiga had already captured the market and developers kept on developing for the original ST in fear of alienating the ST owners. Atari made too many mistakes with the ST in making too many configurations and developers just developed for the lowest common denominator. The STf market was just too important to software editors (especially game editors) so they didn't sell STe versions of their products.

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