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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
Seems I got my figures wrong when I mentioned that Frontier was 25% faster on the ST, is was actually no more than 15%. I actually started thinking that figure I quoted must be wrong since 25% seems to much. So I went looking for the magazine article and found the relevant section below, really sorry for getting this wrong I wasn't trying to mislead:

The CPU on the ST ran at 8Mhz and not 16Mhz as someone stated here, unless they are talking about TT. In any case the slight increase of CPU speed is easily countered on the Amiga with its custom chips, only purely 3D games like Frontier would actually play faster. In any other type of game the Amiga would have the speed advantage if they used the Amiga's hardware properly.
Yep, and what did i say a bit sooner, this game use exactly the same code between amiga and ST ! And he made it rely on CPU. Guess why the ST win ? It is an ST coding way ! So with this the game is sure to be slower on amiga....... And it doesn't prove that the ST is superior in 3D, it's just related to the way it's coded
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