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Re: Trouble in Digital = Lamers!

Well I've done a quick search on google, only one match and that's a comment to say that this new group is pure evil.
Yeah, I found this comment yesterday, after posting on EAB. That comment pretty much says it all, doesn't it? ;D

A search through TOSEC for releases yields - nothing.
I don't think that's a reliable indicator. Many groups established after the demise of disk based copy protection schemes and got quite "good" at "CD-ripping" and "de-serialising". I doubt that Digital Corruption ever broke a disk based protection scheme, but they're quite famous nevertheless.

I don't think there's any need to waste any more time searching, these lamers are simply all talk. Go and abuse them in comfort, they get no respect from me!
Thanks for your help! I'm not about to abuse them though, I just need to know if the OS4 dev team has a "hole". They're claiming to have a working beta of OS4 (which is highly unlikely, but possible). If their claim is valid, we need to close that hole. Chasing wannabe heroes is much to time consuming.

Even Eric Cartman wouldn't "respect their authorit-a!"

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