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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Better handled than AmigaOS?!?!?!

While the breakup of Acorn did see probably even more twists and turns than the Commodore/Amiga one, development did continue on RISCOS quite consistently after 1998, with 2 branches of the OS still in development today, through RISCOS Ltd, and its license holder Castle Technology Ltd, with their ITONIX and Acorn A7000+ systems running RISCOS 5. Plus ARM Holdings was unaffected, so CPU development of RISC processors continued.

You can't say the same about AmigaOS or the hardware it runs on. How long did we have to wait for AmigaOS 4 to finally arrive? And it still isn't the OS it could have been had development been allowed to continue from the demise of Commodore.

And what about the hardware to run it on? There was no easy or clear upgrade path for owners of classic Amiga hardware, due to classic Amiga PPC cards being so rare, out of production for years, and so commanding a premium. And the AmigaOne was such a limite run you could view it was a complete failure. And in many peoples eyes (mine included) the current PPC based PCs running AmigaOS 4.1 are not Amigas. The Amiga was more than just the OS. The hardware was the magical part that made the Amiga so special. For this reason (and sorry for going off topic), there are no logical reasons for sticking with expensive to manufacter and sell PPC based PCs for AmigaOS 4, when x86 hardware is now so prolific and affordable out of the box. The Amiga has ended up becoming just an OS. The heart and soul of the classic Amiga, its hardware, has been left behind.
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