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Apart from maybe the first levels, T1 has a different more lonely feel i find(maybe that's not the case for others) but T2 has a real vibrancy and feeling of life for just about all of the game

I like that warmth from T2 and it's actually quite a nice place to revisit every so often

T1 for all of the time i plaed it felt like some of the colder dungeons from Zelda Link to the Past on Snes(the contrasting cold being a good thing for this game) and for that reason i didn't enjoy the experience quite so much.I expect some people prefer this type of feel and like T1 more as a result?

Super Metroid on Snes is another good example of that hot and cold feel i think works best in these games, but then maybe F5 were purely going for that desperate isolated feel along in T1 - certainly T1 works well in this respect and i would even say T1 is more standout because of this and also because it was the first

I think both games are about as playable as each other though
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