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Acorn still around? Am I missing something? The company was broken up in 1998 into several independent operations, and the RISC personal computer subsidiary disolved and sold off in 2000 after Morgan Stanley Dean Witter group purchased it to gain the 24% share in ARM Holdings.

After further development many of the different parts of the original Acorn Computers changed hands and ended up being owned by many different companies. Some parts were brought back together by a management Team, but it didn't reform Acorn as it once was. Instead focused on set top box development, which failed.

Much like the Amiga, RISCOS was licensed to a company called RISCOS Ltd who continue to develop and support it much like Amiga OS (only better handled). And the rights to hardware development of Acorn computers was bought in 1998 by Castle Technology, and later the rights to RISCOS as well, from RISCOS Ltd.

So you could in a way say that Castle Technology is the new Acorn.

So, yes the legacy of Acorn, with its OS, hardware and processor development are all still active, but the OS and hardware have not been anything to do with the original company since 1998.

The only original part of Acorn that is still going today is ARM Holdings, continuing to develop and manufacture RISC processors, and these are mainly for integrated appliances. Much like today's PPC processor development.

And today, you will find a company calling themselves Acorn Computers and using exactly the same logo and branding. But that is where it ends. This is a PC manufacturer based in Nottingham and has no connection with the original company. They just license the trademark from a French company who own it. Exactly the same as the Commodore Gaming company that now exists. Just a PC manufacturing company using licensed Commodore branding.
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