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I think I have to agree with your points completly.

A quick rundown on what came builtin to the ST:
Scsi, midi, 68000@16MHz, 3channel sound.

Amiga: Paula, Agnus, Denise, Gary to help take a HUGE load of power off of the 68000@7MHz.

I believe more companies made 3rd party addon hardware for the Amiga than for the ST.... don't get me wong, the ST had some few nice features, but I myself believe the Amiga had "the edge" simply because of the design.

Then... Atari "threw together" the ST when Commodore bought Amiga, Inc. from under their noses, and so didn't have as much time to develop it fully, while the Amiga had been worked on for three or four years before C= bought it.... and just needed some final touches.

CAOS... anyone know if there's any chance of getting hold of it? CAOS was, I've been lead to believe, the OS C= wanted to ship with the Amiga, but couldn't iron out the bugs in time, and Workbench was "thrown together" as an alternative... which was less major bugs but more minor ones, IIRC.... and it had the Guru Meditation.
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