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Well I started this thread off but dont get me wrong it was not to bash the ST Goldrunner but it was to prove a point to someone who denied any advantage the Amiga had and was adamant all the games were the same.

I personally think the ST was a good machine and it had some good uses and yes I agree on some of your points about the uses of the ST e.g for music due to the built in Midi. But hardware wise and the sheer power of a system then the Amiga won hands down. Back then I had no idea but now that I work in computer hardware I realise just how much more powerful the Amiga was!

Yes the ST did have a slightly higher clocked CPU but you have to remember it had no dedicated graphics or sound hardware so had to rely solely on the CPU unlike the Amiga.

Not sure about your point on Frontier because I ran a check once on both the Amiga and ST version and they ran at exactly the same fps. think both ran at about 15 fps.

Also the interrupt tricks used to display more colours on a ST was right but useless in games and only useful in static images like the Amigas HAM mode. Dont get me wrong though ST was a great machine and without it back then it would not of been the same and I agree it did help to drive the 16-bit market. I just love the old classic systems and all had a place in computer history!
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